Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Stranger in the Mirror

Y'all, it's Sarah Beth.

I think. (All I know is that my license does not say "Courtney" on it).

Sorry it's been a while since we've posted. Courtney has been awesome and busy and saving babies' lives and stuff.

I've been doing various things (including plugging away at my novel. We'll see what comes of it.)

One of the things I did today was cut all my hair off and dye it blonde (but it looks strawberry blonde in the pics). Because I'm totally vain and annoying, here are two pictures for you:

Mug shot! 

Y'all. I am such a dork. But look! No hair.

What's sad is that I have a million other things that I could be doing and normal people update this stuff on their facebooks. But not me. No, because I am not normal.

In other words, summer is here and despite the fact that I'm no friend of heat, the fireflies have arrived. As have thunderstorms.

Walking down Main Street in our one-stoplight town last night was ethereal. The air was cooler but sticky. The air clung to your skin, thick and wet and you could almost feel it swishing in your mouth and squishing in your lungs as you breathed. In the distance, lightning flickered in storms receding. In the tall grass, the yellow light of fireflies winked magic in the night. The leaves whispered in the faint, warm breeze that was taking the thunderstorm farther away. The wet pavement squished beneath my sneakers.

And out there in the air at night in summer made me feel like I did when I was a kid. It was as if the world whispered of times gone by, of days and nights when all there was was the air and fireflies and the breathing in and out of summer grass. It reminded me that sometimes you just need to stop and remember that the world isn't bills and fear and responsibility. Even when we grow up, we can still look around and see the fairytale. Magic is latent in life. Sometimes all we have to do is call it forward.

Sometimes all it takes is to wander to feel found.