Friday, May 23, 2014

Opening a door-just open it!

It seems like there is so much buzz on blogs, in classrooms, in conversation, and in the news about the way people desire to be treated.

There is intense debate concerning gender roles - should doors be opened and seats given up? Should a certain race dominate a workforce or educational category?

People cry out to be treated with respect regardless of the color of their skin, their religion, and other differences and beliefs that often seem to separate us as individuals.

Honestly, this ongoing controversy becomes wearisome to me. In the pursuit of “equal” treatment I find that the searching group from whatever perspective often becomes abrasive to the opposing side, disrupting unity, and even disrespecting those in opposition - and doesn't this destroy the original mission?

I find that most people desire to be treated with respect and to courtesy and at the end of the day be understood.

Instead of focusing on whether or not a door “should” be opened for a woman or whether or not a certain race seems to dominate a career field or workforce, perhaps we should focus more on respecting and serving others around us - regardless of the external factors - because they are a person.

Perhaps less emphasis in our spheres of influence and our culture should be placed on analyzing other’s external appearances and more on their circumstances.

For me, this can be hard and can involve overriding “natural," instinctive behavior.

Think of a person that causes your posture to instantly improve, your words to be thought of more closely, and your focus narrowed more to their presence and less on the buzz of your cell phone and the list of the things you want to accomplish before the day is over.

I find that it's often second nature for me to respond to certain individuals who hold something I respond to, someone close to me or something that signifies a certain career or shared belief. But when I really get to the heart of it, I have respect for others because they are people.

I desire to show interest, courtesy, and respect to all others as this second nature response.

Older person, younger person, a person who seems prestigious, a person who doesn't seem to have much clout, a person who might have differing views, it doesn't matter who - just open the door.

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